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We champion the independence, safety, and
fulfillment of adults with developmental disabilities.

Your chosen environment, your life goals, your dignity – they all matter.

Our relentless mission is to make them flourish.

Language Services

Independent Living Support Services

Education and Training

You Are Unique

You Deserve Uniquely Individualized Services

Our commitment is resolute – not just 100%, but 1000%. At Emerald's Lighthouse, we understand that making a genuine impact means catering to individual needs. We are fueled by the core values that drive us: Compassion, Accountability, Commitment, and Respect.


These values infuse our services and are validated by our proven track record.

Women Holding Hands

Independently Living Well

Our Independent Living Service Program is designed to meet our clients where they are and build upon their strengths so that they can achieve their individual goals. We believe in taking a person-centered approach to empower and enable independence. 

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Shining A Light On Communication 

We believe that diversity is strength... And language diversity is our reality. Emerald's Lighthouse can help you communicate with its interpreting and translation services so that no matter what your needs are, you can effectively communicate them.

Modern Education Center

Inclusion through Education

Education is empowerment and now, more than ever before, we need professionals that are trained to serve neurodiverse populations.

Our team provides trainings to small and large groups because our goal, is to make inclusion possible.

Ways to Help and Take Action Now



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