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In a world that is driven by numbers and data, we are proud to say that everything we do is driven by Compassion for people.

Everyone has a story, we are here to hear it and assist you to create a life by design.

Whether your goal is to learn to be healthier in the environment you are already in, or to move into a new home, Emerald's Lighthouse can assist you to achieve what matters to you. 

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Our Commitment to serve is driven by our passion to help the underserved. We are committed to give you THE BEST. That means that from the moment someone becomes part of our team, they commit to an on-going learning process to continuously give you high quality services.


We are willing, ready, and committed to help you achieve your goals... Are you?


To us, Developmental Disabilities mean Different Abilities. It is because of that, that Respect is at the core of everything we do. We believe that our clients have the intrinsic right to self-determination. We strive to honor their wishes and support them in any endeavor that will lead to wellness, happiness and independence. 

Respect for the rights of adults with developmental disabilities is the very reason for Emerald's Lighthouse's existence.

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We have given the meaning of "it takes a tribe" a new definition because we know the power of Accountability. When you receive our services, we become YOUR tribe and we become accountable for and to one another. 

At the center of everything we do are YOUR GOALS, YOUR WISHES, and YOUR NEEDS. Here's how:


Accountable to You: We are here and we are ready to help YOU.


Accountable for You: We keep ourselves honest, and we continuously work on making sure that our training methods fit you and your needs BEST. We do this 100% FOR YOU, so you are properly empowered to make the best decisions


Accountable for Ourselves: We are accountable for our actions, and we make sure that you have a clear roadmap to keep yourself accountable for your own goals as well. We will light the path to success so you can walk it. 

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