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Founded in 2017, Emerald's Lighthouse is San Diego County's premiere Independent Living Services (ILS) agency. 

Our mission is to enable adults with developmental disabilities to live safe, independent, and fulfilling lives, in the environment of their choosing, and in a manner that honors their life goals and their dignity. 

Emerald's Lighthouse inception began in 2014, with the realization that one person can be a catalyst for positive change. Since the beginning, our vision has been to provide quality independent living services to all adults in San Diego County, in a manner that upholds their dignity and adheres to our guiding values:

Commitment - Accountability - Compassion - Respect

We strive to empower through education. Our goal is help our clients achieve theirs, so they can live a life of their own design. 

No matter where you're at in your path to independence, we have a resolute commitment to light your path to success and help you achieve your goals. 

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