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Independent Living
Support Services


What does it mean to be independent?


Whatever you want it to be. Our Independent Living services (ILS) are designed to meet you where YOU are. Not only can we assist you whether you live at home with your loved ones, or by yourself, but we meet you at YOUR baseline. Emerald's Lighthouse can assist you in a number of different areas, so whether you want to look for housing, learn to better manage your health, or learn to access community resources, we are here to light the path to success. 

Language Services

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Connecting People One

Word at a Time.

Connection matters. Whether you need a document translated or on-site interpreting services, Emerald's Lighthouse can help you make yourself understood, and to understand others. 


Reach out to us to inquire about our current available languages!

Education & Outreach


Knowledge is Power;

We are Here to Empower YOU

With 8+ years' experience, Emerald's Lighthouse is your partner for team education, training, and empowerment. Our personalized training caters to professionals seeking insight into the communities we serve and ways to provide effective support. Tailored packages are available for groups of up to 5 or 25. Reach out to discover how we can enhance your community service.

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